Unique Violin Manson


Concert Violin Outfit.

The Unique Violins propose rich tonalities, colors, broad projections, exclusive designs and the power needed for concert performance.

Violin Case & Bow Included.

Violin case and bow

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Unique Violin Manson

The Unique Violin Manson has been built with a pattern created by Antonio Stradivari. It has a carefully, elegant and high quality manufacture.

With a warm and sweet sound, the Unique Violin Manson is an instrument that provides an excellent playing comfort. It has red-honey colored spirit varnish with antique details.

The violin top is spruce. Its one pice maple back was naturally dried for 10 years. The back and the handle, have a rich and regularly flamed. Both woods come from Russian forests.

The Unique Violin Manson has an acoustic capabilities that allow the violinist to enjoy beautiful playing sensations. Its sweet and deep sound makes it ideal for violinists who search a violin with character.

The violin is suitable for advanced study.

Unique Violin Manson
Unique Violin Manson
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Russian spruce

Back and ribs

Russian maple

Wood drying

10 years


Paloma Valeva


Round and sweet


★ ★ ★ ★ ★


★ ★ ★ ★ ★