Maestro Violin D’Alibray


Professional Handmade French Violin.

Designed for professional violinist or enthusiastic amateur, our maestro violin1715 are unique violin signed by its maker, made in the state of the art, with the finest materials, the result of a careful and thoughtful project.

Violin case included.

Violin case

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Maestro Violin D'Alibray

The Maestro Violin D’Alibray has been built under a pattern created by Antonio Stradivari. The instrument has a careful and high quality manufacturing.

With a round, deep, and warm sound, the Maestro Violin D’Alibray is a unique piece that ensure a high level playing comfort. It has a amber oil varnish and a luminous honey background, accompanied by a sharp and fine antiqued finish.

The violin top is spruce, its two pieces maple back, with an amazing flamed, was naturally dried outdoors for over 35 years. Both woods are from the Alps.

The violin has a sound projection capable of animating spaces with a large amplitude. His sound and excellent depth, makes the instrument an outstanding violin, ideal for confirmed violinists.

The violin is suitable for solo performance.

Maestro Violin D’Alibray
Maestro Violin D’Alibray
Weight 0.460 kg

Spruce from the Alps

Back and ribs

Maple from the Alps


More than 35 years




Warm and clean


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★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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